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Monday, August 1, 2011

Stella Perry Soprano--My Life

I have heard that when you decide to do something tentatively...then you should tell someone. Then it’s harder to back out. So I did that and I was surprised at the response.
I decided to write about my childhood... it might interest my Grandchildren some day.

Some friends said"Oh really, I’d like to read it when you’re finished.”
 I can’t back out now, so hear goes.

 I was born Stella Margaret Stewart on Feb.13,1936, in Glasgow Scotland.  I was brought into this world into a family where I never doubted for a moment that I was loved and wanted. As I grew older I realized the awesome responsibility that so much of my Mother’s happiness depended on me. I tried to please her so that she could brag how perfect I was. Stella, the perfect child!
Of course, I was far from perfect!I was a willful, stubborn and very independent child.  She handled me well and I was always very sorry for my mistakes. Being an only child and living in a new neighbourhood where there were very few children,I was used to being myself. I enjoyed visiting the nieghbours and spent hours in the garden watching spiders , caterpillars. Nature always fascinated me and it still does...
My daughter asked me if I wanted to go to University.  I said,  "If I could live life over again, then I would probably go to University for Entomology.  Wow.  Entomology.
I just love insects!!!